We must restore trust in our voting systems to restore democracy.

You know what would help start to bring unity in the USA?
If democrats move to accomplish some of the things that Trump “stood for” and failed to accomplish.
1. A $2000 economic impact payment immediately.
2. End the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc, bring the troops home.
3. Repeal and replace the ACA/Obamacare with a “fantastic healthcare system!” Trump once admired Australian Universal Medicare.
4. Pass the election integrity bills Democrats proposed

IMO Number 4 is the MOST important- to bring an end to the duopoly, and to bring back trust.

The step that will seal any deal with Republicans is a hardened voter identification/registration system, with grants to help everyone get ID to avoid the poll tax problem.

Tulsi introduced the Securing America’s Elections Act which would have allowed auditing of the vote.

The SAFE Act, HR1 for #ElectionIntegrity was the most progressive bill the House Democrats passed in the 116th Congress, but due to Mitch it languished in the Senate

SAFE Act, HR1 text
Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2019

In conclusion, root causes must be heard and acted upon, this is only a beginning not a solution.

We must restore trust in our voting systems to restore democracy.




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Scott StandsWithTruth

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