New York Times Exploits Divisions with Fake News, Again

Fake News in NYT

These madrassas were schools run by Assam’s state government. The state government is converting 126 religious schools funded and run by the state into public, secular institutions. Hence, Islamic schools are NOT banned; private individuals can continue to run madrassas. In fact, Article 30 of India’s Constitution gives religious minorities special privileges to run their own educational institutions.

Earlier, the same BJP government in Assam had similarly converted 97 state-run Hindu Veda pathshaalas into study centers under the auspices of a state-run University.

In February 2020, the Assam state government announced it would make these moves, saying, “Religious teachings cannot be imparted w/ government funds in a secular country.” Thus, they defunded/converted religious schools funded by the State belonging to 2 separate religious denominations.

This NYT piece also includes the image of CAA protesters, even though this article has absolutely nothing to do with that subject. The result of the CAA law they protested is that Sikhs and Hindus being persecuted in nearby countries like Afghanistan are being afforded refugee status in India. Those protests turned into anti-Hindu riots. It seems that the New York Times’ intention is to spark needless unrest.

Fake News can cause real consequences, even death.

Delhi Riots

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Assam passes bill to convert state-run madrasas into regular schools

Assam Assembly passes Bill on madrasa conversion




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